Chiaretto Revee


Garda Classico



Usually harvested after the middle of September and prepared with a very brief contact with the skins for 10 to 12 hours, depending on the variability of the temperature of the grapes (hence its name "vino di una notte" (One night wine)). Therefore, removed from barrel before the natural fermentation, you get a rosé wine that must be drunk fresh. It is a harmonious wine, flowery, with hints of soft fruit. The ageing takes place in stainless steel barrels for a few months and then in bottles. Excellent as an appetiser, freshwater fish, white meat and dessert.

 luogo Polpenazze (Bs)
Vitigno Revee

 uva  Vitigni: Groppello, Sangiovese, Marzemino e Barbera

 calice  Servire in ampi bicchieri, temperatura 8/10°C.

posate Ottimo come aperitivo, pesce di lago, carni bianche e dessert.